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Our story


Alarms Across Texas has been in Weatherford, TX, serving much of Metroplex and surrounding areas for over 16 years.


While most Security Companies have 1 or 2 products, we have committed to match customer needs with the proper product(s) available, while being sensitive to the customers budget.




Alarms Across Texas has access to all the products on the market, except the private labeled systems, which have their generic equal, so we can offer  a wide range of Solutions to your needs.

Many companies today choose 1 or 2 basic products to market and then must convince their potential customers/clients that these products are the best and will fit their needs, unfortunately either underproviding or overselling their products.


Mark, our owner has been involved in electronics since the age of the dinasaur (just kidding), but certainly from the old "tube" days.  He grew up in both learning electronics and electrical.  His experience of over 45 years in electronics give him the wide knowledge of various options available to provide from basic to complex solutions to our customers needs.  He continues to watch and learn of the new technologies and their applications, thereby having many options for our customers.


If you have a quote from another firm, we can compare like systems for pricing comparisons, as well as give advice as to the effectiveness or weakness of such a system.  We may recommend an alternative.


CALL US TODAY for a FREE property evaluation and estimate. 

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